Conventum Entertainment FAQ

Conventum Entertainment

To find information about our concerts, visit our event calendar.
There you will find information about the concert you are going to visit or are interested in, seat maps, information about how to buy tickets, age-limit, etc.

If you don’t find an answer to your question here, email – it’s the fastest way to reach us! We will respond within 24 hours. Explain your case clearly – include information about which event your question applies to, purchase reference number, etc.

1 Get here/parking
2 Tickets (general about tickets, lost tickets, repurchase of tickets, cancellation protection).
3 Seat maps & seat information
4 Age-limit
5 Wardrobe policy
6 Food and drinks
7 Can I take photos?
8 Availability
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Conventum Congress, Fabriksgatan 17-19.
Conventum Arena, Fabriksgatan 26-28.
Club 700, Drottninggatan 42
Hjalmar Bergman Theatre, Olof Palmes Torg /Drottninggatan.

Here you can see a map of the neighbourhood.
Parking map


Ticket information

Visit our event calendar and click on the event you are interested in. There you find information on how to buy tickets.

If you bought a ticket from second-hand, you must contact them if you have questions about the ticket’s validity, price, redemption, etc. If you have bought invalid tickets second-hand, it is you as the ticket buyer who needs to report the purchase to your bank and make a report to the Police and ARN. In Sweden, it is not forbidden to buy or sell tickets second-hand, but we strongly advise against buying tickets from any of the second-hand services as we can never guarantee the validity of the ticket and that you risk paying a much higher price than what is written on the ticket. Usually, the tickets bought via second-hand sellers are valid, you usually settle for the profit you made by putting a higher price on the ticket. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about visiting us with tickets bought second-hand, but you should be aware of the risks as above and know that we are not in control of the situation should you be refused entry because the ticket is not genuine. On our website there are always safe purchase links.

If you have lost your ticket, contact the ticket agent you bought the ticket from. If it was Tickster, you can download your ticket again from this link. If it was Ticketmaster, you can download it again by logging into your Ticketmaster account. Click here for more information.

Purchased tickets are generally not redeemable (unless you purchased a ticket with cancellation protection/insurance). The ticket is not personal, so it is fine to give it away or sell it if, for example, you become ill.
If you consider that you have special reasons why a buyback should be approved, then email to:

Both Tickster and Ticketmaster offer to purchase event insurance. This is done when purchasing in the respective web shop. Below you can read more about the insurance.
Tickster event insurance.
Ticketmaster event insurance.

The service fee is to cover the cost the agent has had in connection with the booking, collection and possibly refund occasion and is therefore the part of the ticket price that accrues to the point of sale. If cancelled event, the service fee is therefore not refunded. Service fee is added regardless of where or how you pick up, book, or buy your ticket.

Seating Maps

We have different seating maps depending on which event you are going to attend.
Go to the event calendar, click on the event you are interested in. If you know you are going to the Conventum Congress (seated performance) or Hjalmar Bergman Theatre, you can click on the links below. Please note that Conventum Congress can have both seated and standing audiences. To be sure of what applies – visit the event calendar.

Seat map Conventum Congress

Seat map Hjalmar Bergman Theatre

Seating information – Conventum Arena telescopic bleachers.

Age Limits

Due to the Public Health Authority’s recommendations regarding high volume, there is a general age limit at our concerts. This is what the organizer is required to follow according to the Environmental Administration. The age limit is 13 years and applies when accompanied by a guardian. Exceptions are made for events specifically aimed at children. Higher age limits occur when there is an alcohol permit.

Many people wonder why as a parent you are not allowed to take responsibility for your child’s hearing at a concert, for example by putting on the child’s hearing protection. The intention of the Public Health Agency’s general advice is to protect the hearing of all children – regardless of whether they have parents who are aware of how to protect themselves against loud noises. It is the organizer’s responsibility that the sound environment and sound levels do not damage the visitor’s hearing. According to the law, this responsibility does not lie with the customer or the visitor. According to the law (environmental code), it is therefore not possible to transfer responsibility to the visitor.

Mandatory Wardrobe

During events at Conventum 1 October-1 May, it is generally not permitted to bring outer garments or (larger) bags into the premises for evacuation and safety reasons. Exceptions may occur. The cloakroom fee is SEK 30 (Swish or card payment).

Items that can be used to harm the arena, its personal or other guests may not be brought into the arena. It includes but is not limited to weapons, pyrotechnics or other dangerous or flammable items. Glass bottles, pet bottles, thermoses, cans, and flagpoles other than so-called WP plastic or clothing/flag with text or symbols that express contempt for ethnic group is not allowed.

It´s not permitted to bring in bulky items such as large umbrellas, folding chairs, rucksacks and bags larger than 40x40x20 cm (height, width, depth).

Food & Drinks

You may not bring your own food or drink into the Conventum’s premises. Bottles are not allowed due to security reasons, regardless of material and content.


In general, it is prohibited to bring system cameras to events. Press photographers must apply for a photo pass for each individual event. Email us: and tell us who you are, which media you will photograph for and which concert you want a photo pass for.


Conventum is accessible. Among other things, the entrances to each building are at ground level and there is an elevator up to the higher floors, accessible toilets are available in all buildings. Hearing loops are available at the Conventum Congress but not at the Conventum Arena.

For more detailed information about Conventum Congress, click here.

For more detailed information about the Conventum Arena, click here.

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